Double Decker Buses

Double Decker Buses are very popular for touring. For the most part they make for efficient transit vehicles, being able to hold such high capacity. However the entering and exiting of a double decker bus from the second floor becomes problematic when there are frequent stops in busy cities. This is why double decker busses lend so well to touring. First of all, they are more unique than single deck coaches. This adds an element of interest to any touring activities. Any time a coach has a kind of personality makes for a better experience. Second, they have the high capacity, which obviously means more profit per touring run. Third, the entrance and exit strategy is NOT so problematic because it isn’t happening so frequently.

Double Decker Buses for Sale

A good reason to look for a double decker bus for sale is if you are interested in starting or expanding a touring service. One particularly popular model is the Neoplan Double Decker bus. The Neoplan is well known for innovative and futuristic designs, so if you think your customer base would be more into modern themes, this is a great choice. On the other end of the spectrum, if you think your potential new customers would be more amicable towards the ideas of vintage, classic, or antique, you may want to check out Bristol double decker buses.

Double Decker Tours

If you want to start a touring company, are you in the right location to begin with? Double Decker bus tours are extremely popular in some of the hottest tourist locations as well as areas of extreme historic or social value. It is very common to hire a double decker bus and go touring around places with lots of memorable scenery for whatever the reason. If you are going to look for a double decker bus for sale in USA, you should make sure that the location would suggest a good potential customer base. It would be a shame if you found a good double decker bus sale, invested all of that money into it, got the business up and running, and ran it into the ground because no one is interested in a double decker bus tour in your area. Washington DC, Chicago, SF (San Francisco), San Diego, Oxford MS, LA (Los Angeles), and Las Vegas are great locations for double decker bus tours.

NYC Double Decker bus tours are also popular. Actually, NYC is probably a more popular place for a double decker bus tour than anywhere else. Ride a double decker bus New York City style! It is one of the best coach touring experiences you will have.

Double Decker Party Buses

A double decker party bus is another very popular use for a double decker for sale. They lend nicely to this application for reasons similar to the touring coach application. Also, as parties evolve through time, they take on new activities and new venues. This affords both. This market is growing steadily, but it is relatively young and will probably continue to grow over the next couple years. So if you are looking for a business idea, and you like the idea of parties on wheels, you may want to check out double decker party busses.

Double Decker Bus for Sale Hotspots

Some of the most popular countries for finding a double decker bus for sale are the USA, Japan, Ireland, and England (the UK in general). Some popular states in the United States of America are Colorado, and some cities in general are Hong Kong.